3rd Grade Textbook & Workbook Covers

Illustrated cover designs for the 3rd grade Social Studies textbook and workbook. All artwork was made digitally while using slightly rough textures and lines to make it look more hand-drawn.

These books cover five main topics: “Myself”, “Health”, “Interpersonal Relationships”, “Technology” and “Geography”. The two main characters on the covers appear throughout the textbook and workbook.

Workbook front cover and full cover layout with back cover:
3rd Grade Textbook & Workbook Covers

Textbook front cover and full layout:
The title and some of the texts in the books are hand lettered to make it feel more approachable and exciting for kids. The main body text in these books is typeset with a legible sans serif typeface. Since these are study materials, I paid special attention to make sure the texts were always legible.